Be Thankful for what you have and you will end up having more.

Here are some of the wonderful thanks and compliments I have received from many of you. Thank you!

It was exilent 😀

Ingjerd Sorensen (Norway)

Diana for me you save my life by Gods will. The way you guid realy save me from losing my life, It gave me the inne peace, the positive thinking, the strenth, confident, believing in my selv, the energi. Diana I can not just explain it, I am realy feeling wonderful. I have never feel like this in all my 45 years in life. I see light in my life, I reconice the joy life can give me. I wish I met you Diana early in my life, but every thing has a time, now is my time. I wish you a long life and good health. Continue helping people in this world. A good person who can who can hjelp a lot of people in this world.

Hawa (Norway)

The Neptune Epiphany Report is very interesting and incisive,i can see the things described within me.Also the influence of Scorpio people is very true.I do feel there is more possibility and potential in life and this report helps to point me in other directions .

William (United Kingdom)

Your report very good for me. Certain days I took your advice. Other I chose my own. I check every so often,read forward. It was well written. Trust you.

Judith (United Kingdom)

Hi, Diana! I really liked the last report. It was easy to understand, precise, not to long, and you really "got it". In some areas of the report you were very precise, and the best thing is that I can get to know me better though astrologi!! I can understand things in a whole new way. I`m looking foreward for the september-report. Love from Kristin

Kristin (Norway)

My dear Diana I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you deed for me. My God even with unknown time of birth you got it to the point. You are something else. It feels like you been in my life all a long. You know me. Thank you again God bless you!!!

Paraskevi (Greece)

I really liked your report and enlightened me on many things.

Debra1951@cox.net (United States)

I learnt a lot. Thankyou.

Michael (Australia)

Kjære Diana ☺ takk for års rapporten du sendte til meg. Så mye i den stemmer. Men d virker som du ligger noen dager før og etter de dagene tingene faktisk skjer. Leser rapporten min ofte for å få et innblikk i hva jeg kan forvente meg i dagene som kommer. Tusen takk. Mvh trine andreassen ☺

Trine (Norway)

I thank you

Chrysanthe (Greece)

Thank-you for everything the reading has been a great helpful for me

Digvijay (Singapore)

I enjoyed the reading that was sent to me. It was very simple to read. It provided me with information that was helpful, and inspirational. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise. Tammy Tauelangi

Tammy (United States)

amazing. you give me encouragement to continue. i appreciate you.

Shon (United States)

Thank you Diana for your guidance. Your readings truly guide me to spiritual enlightenment. You help me discover the real purpose of my life.

Dave-ansy (United States)

Thanks I enjoyed it

Mary (Israel)

I was very pleased with the service and guidance that was provided! Diana was always available for questions and very supportive. This person centered report was professional, informational, accurate and in depth :-) ! Positive life changes as already occurred as a result of following the specific instruction/suggestion indicated my report!!! Signed, Glad I found you!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Francine (United States)

i really like my last report. it is giving me a guide that i can use on a daily basis that is helpful in knowing what may come up in my day. i can even read forward if i choose to see what might be on the horizon. thank you!

Bobbi (United States)

Thank you for your time with some wise comments into my life

Lola (Denmark)

Dear Diana A short hello....i find the year reading helpful most times,it is absolutely very elaborated, which i appreciate! i havent had much time lately to go into any other offer from your side, im moving house and working very much(busy time of the year, im a sculptor and painter, but do many other things too) situations in my life seem to change and develop all by themselves, which is by now very welcome to me....(was scary in the beginning) as with most changes and new situations.....hope this was helpful and interesting to you? kindest regards mariette

Mariette (Spain)

Thank you, it has been interesting. May I have a link for Three months astrology chart. Thanks again

Milena (Australia)

Diana was very insightful. I really appreciate the help. Mit was right omnibus the money.

Karen (Canada)

Dearest Diana! I do not still finish to read the last report. It was very pleased for me to read each report. Each time i was getting confidence, feeling of internal freedom. I have realized events of my life better. I thing however that decisions we are getting come from internal feeling and your guidance help a lot. I want to wish you too Love and Light Fira

Fira (Israel)

Diana Is So Great With Every Reading. She Very Quick And Very Honest. The Reading She Given Me Really Gave Me A Extra Boost On Life. Thanks Again Diana, Jamarcus

Jamacas (United States)

Hello Diana Thank you so much for your insight I have found it really helpful in understanding my genetic makeup. I have always wondered why I am like I am and find comfort in knowing that by simply giving you my date of birth and place of birth you are able to accurately pin point what type of personality / flaws I possess. we have spoken about Karma and I have always been very aware of its force it scares me, which helps me to make many decisions in my life. My weakness are something that I am constantly trying to turn into strengths as I believe these are closely related and there is a fine line between the two. With your help I have been able to work on these even more I believe knowing it is part of who I am has made that a lot easier. I pray that one day I would be able to meet with you for a more precise reading. I believe that the gift you have is from God and a pure light radiates from you with a warmth and gentle manner. Thank you again for your insight Warmest Regards Sharon

Sharon (Australia)

Dear Diana, I would like to thank you for your readings and reports you have sent to me over these past couple of months. I have found them both enlightening and inspirational, and now I look forward to my future with a serene outlook ready to embrace what life has to offer me. I suffered a major tragedy three years ago, and am now at a stage where I feel comfortable enough to move on with my life, and your guidance has helped me in that process. I feel more confident now continuing on with my journey of life and look forward to whatever life sends my way. Kind regards, Naomie :)

Naomie (Australia)

My dearest Diana. I would like to thanks you for all you have done for me. Your guidence has enlightened me. N i will continue with your services. Bcoz now i am very busy taking care of my 1 yr old grand daughter. So sorry for the late replys n feedback. Do Take Care ya. Yours sincerely friend maureen Lim. Keep in touch. MARRY CHRISTMAS N HAPP NEW YEAR. to you n your. Families.

Maureen (Singapore)

Thank you sent me the report! I liked it very.

Tiina (Estonia)

I must admit the information you gave me came pass in many different and hard to decifir until the problem was right on me! So yes Dianna knows your stuff!

Marcus (Canada)

I am happy with your service and wondering if you can ffnd a more precise future reading for me ?

Sean (Ireland)

thank you for all your help I am a true believer

Daniel (United States)

i found the reports that i have been given to be very accurate and they have helped me in times of adversity and to also show me the light at the end of the tunnel. would recommend to anyone... a friend sent from the stars!

Dan (United Kingdom)

First, I have a very good impression off you, as a really nice person. The 10, something, reports I have ordered from you, has a good, personal language. Some off them, as Second Progression, describing changes in Signs over time, and and Black Holes/Centaur, bringing light off more hidden subjects, as for instance daily habits and alcohol aspects, are truly amazing. How is it possible, to write something about those hidden sides off me, I ask myself. One single report did not hit the bulls eye. The Family Background report, was the exception which confirmes the very high standard. As for myself, right now, your reports have prepared me in a good way, to meet all the new things that are surrounding me.

Henry (Denmark)

Thank you for all the assistance Diana. It is so amazing and unbelievable that you know so much about a person you never have met. Your readings and guidance help me to understand myself better and to make right decision. Kind Regards, Danuse

Danuse (Czech Republic)

Hello, I absolutely love the day by day for full year horoscopes. Thank you so much. Tammy

Tammy (United States)

I love all of them, your a gem.

Cory (Australia)

Dear Diane, You have been right so many times and my character is just as you say. My husband has health problems and this distresses me greatly. I also am supposedly a winner of a nice tv and maybe money. Your guidance is good, I will be honest, I have a hard time believing all of this. Thank you, my friend, Maija

Maija (Czech Republic)

Dear Diana, I have already visited and advised two astrologers, astrologer once in the Czech Republic and the second Burmese origin of New York. Both were great, but you are the best. When I read about my personality I was in amazement as you everything revealed and you went directly to the body. One of your predictions have already come true and I hope to meet even the most - to find love and meaningful job. I´m doing it for this maximum. One of the best reading was reading Solar return. Often I read over all readings and alwas discover somethig new. Diana, thank you for all your work you have done for me and I feel for you is not just a job and I feel you are a wonderful, sensitive, empatetic person. Thank you once again Your Marie

Marie (Czech Republic)

Thanks Diana for you report.It is very useful to my now and future .sorry to tell you am Asian girl so my English not good.anyway I would like to appreciate you and your service.thanks again.I will attached my picture.

Chrishani (France)

Dear Diana Your reports are so well informed and accurate. Thanks so much for your advice and readings. Regards John

John (New Zealand)

Hi Diane Thank you for the accurate readings...I have enjoyed reading them. Thanks again Kay

Kay (New Zealand)

Your advice is very wise! The picture of my parents in the report was accurate. Im looking forward to enjoy your readings again soon. Dearest Charlotte, Sweden.

Charlotte (Sweden)

Thank you Diana, you have allowed me to look at life from a completely different angle, your charts and readings are precise, quite amazing, I will continue to work with you and my sincerest thanks from my heart for your sharing of knowledge, time, care and love. Jane (New Zealand)

Jane (New Zealand)

Thank you

Lucy (United States)

Diana is a dedicated and amazing guide. Her readings have a positive influence. She is honest and guides beautifully through her readings. I have learnt so much through her personal readings which are explained in a professional, helpful and positive manner. Thank you so much Diana. You are amazing! Sunanda

Sunanda (United States)

I appreciate the information you provided for me. I definitely appreciate you and your time. That report had given me some insight in my life. Thanks.

Ron (United States)

The reading has been great. Simple and concise I can see what is creating and anticipate steps I can take to allow all to unfold with peace. Sid

Sidney (United States)

Dear Diana. I find all of your reports very useful. Some of them I use daily. Based on your reports, I understand better myself and the people close to me and around me. Your last report came just in the right moment, when an opportunity was proposed to me. Thanks to your report, it was easy to find the answer. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Monika

Monika (Slovenia)

Dearest Diana When I read your report every time, I felt myself was sitting in the class and listening to your guidance . The situation of your description is exactly the things have happened to me currently. I knew I am a person such emotional, sometime my motion affects all my lifestyle. With your reminding I set your reading report as my mirror to checking my weakness. I am lucky to gain your special personly coaching, I did learn a lot from your report, and gain the benefit as well. Thanks for all your help , Dearest Diana! Kind Regards! Wei Bu

Wei (Australia)

Hi, I would like to write about another service you performed for me about a year ago. A one year Daily horoscope for me.. Its was a bit spooky att first. It sand there was going to be a leak of some sort one day. That day my wife calls me and tells me there is water everywhere in The laundry... you predicted we would get a baby.. we DID get pregnant and The baby was born 2 weeks early. ONLY ONE DAY OFF YOUR PREDICTION... thats is truly amazing... there were more things which were extremely accurate. Thank you very much Love and Light Always /Jeppe

Jesper (Sweden)

Greetings dear Diana i enjoy my first reading im happy. I want to understand more about my protective guardian angel and how i will be easley communicating with my angel and how my past life is influencing my present life now nevertheless what my destiney holds for me ( what area of carrer best suited for my destiney). Thanks Obiora.

Obiora (Thailand)

Tihs report have help me to get back on track så I can find what I loking for

Tobias (Sweden)

Happy and satisfied with report.

Zinka (Slovenia)

I fill you are going inside me ,to tell me what is wrong and how to correct my self to be a better person in my soon future live that s what i needed to corect me , i would like so much to know more abaut my future for the next 12 mounts what is going to happend what do you see happend for 2017 thay would be very exciting for me . If i have to coote your quality of work i will give it a 9 out of 10 Thank you very much for your work Best Regards Zanette

Zanette (Luxembourg)

Dear Diana Thank you so very much for your readings. They are amazingly true. I feel I have a much better understanding of myself. Thanks once again Janine

Janine (Australia)

I thank Diana for her very professional readings, that gave me great insight in my character and past lives....They help me to make better decisions and choices in my personal and professional life. I want to advise other people to ask for her guidance.... Connie van Manen, Amsterdam

Connie (Netherlands)

Hi i really apreciate what you tell and 95% is true and helpful for me i m very satisfaacted , and in a future i really need more help from you , i Trust you that you can help my even more . I pass a very strange period in my life in evything but i m gone come back with more details Thank you very much for your time . God bless you Peace and light . Have nice day

Mikaela (Sweden)

I like ur work thanku soo much to help

Mandeep (United States)

Hi Diana... I would like to say your very first report you done for at the start was incredibly accurate.and your follow up reports have been incetful if not helpful at times and for that I thankyou.you have opened my eyes and my mind to further possibilities from life in the past present and future. I fell I am no longer ignorant to what life is...not what I thought it was. and that there are people who have high intestinal fortitude,and higher morals with a selfless attitude by putting others first.and I firmly believe you have brought me to this insight. So thankyou very much for being a freind although we have never met or have we.maybe in a past life or maybe even in this life.I do look forward to seeing your emails and what you have to say about different day to day situations weather it be on a world scale or universal plain.

Guy (Australia)

I trust Diana becouse she have intuition in her Astrological work. Is like a spark I need in dificult moments. I consider her a gardian angel.

Georgeta (Netherlands)

it s very interesting because everything you said about me the past present is true. you said about my ability of psychic is right but i m to afraid to use it i love arts and my dream is open house store / salon de the in Connecticut. you said also about my family coming from another country and me i ll move to another one. came true my parents move from Morocco to France and me from France to the Usa. relationship with others. I m always said that i m a fake shy, i m more observe person before i can trust the person

Aicha (United States)

I really did enjoy my report thank you and l look forward to maybe another in the New year. Kind regards Cheryl Coe

Cheryl (New Zealand)

Absolutely fabulous report, well laid out, clear, concise and to the point. Well written in a way I could understand and accept. Perfectly laid out and smartly presented. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in Diana. God Bless Warm Regards Lorette

Lorette (United Kingdom)

Hej Diana! Har precis läst INDRA, jag känner igen många av mina komplexa problem. Det har tagit mycket lång tid för mig att mogna till den jag är idag. Jag vet att jag tagit stor skada genom min mor som är narcissist. Tror ändå att jag har nytta av den erfarenheten det innebar. Jag är mera intresserad av att leva i nuet och de förändringar jag kan och behöver göra för att äntligen få leva mitt eget liv, tillfredsställande. Ser fram emot att bli guidad av dig. vänliga hälsningar Ingela

Ingela (Sweden)

Overall satisfied with the report and analysis received

Hoe (Singapore)

Having you make me the real love of a mother I did trust you as my own family

Adut (Australia)

To Diana You are best psychic astrologer.I have gone through more than 20 psychics and they were I would say two & three stars as for you five star.You showed me how much you cared you have a big heart.You do a thorough job and I was pleased with your work.The biggest problem that I had with the others was they never replied to my messages and you did.Now how in the world do you get your questions answered or know what your real concerns are. If all the emails that were sent go unanswered.It shows lack of respect and could care less what you have to say.You show me much love and I want to thank You for that.Your Friend Mike S

Michael (United States)

I would like to thank you for whatever you have done for me, but you know I am not willing to do everything, my life is something like wind in this ephemeral world. As you know world is nothing just slot on ocean of existence... you show me some part of my life which is neglected by me! But I am not belong to.... Best Regards Behzad

Behzad (Romania)

My dearest Diana Thank you very much for your readings,very helpful and excellent job!!!

Fani (Cyprus)

Really I the reading for the past and present I experienced of many things that I discover through my reading, I really appreciate that thank you so much.

Adoum (United States)

Diana, thank you for my astrology report. It has been very helpful having a daily guide, especially knowing when to avoid making certain decisions or plans.

Arzu (United Kingdom)

Dear Diana! The Indra Interpretation report learnt me a lot about my nature and was a good supplement to the Karmic Past Life Report, Hidden Messages report, Destiny Decisions Forecast Report and the Personal Forecast. Every day I study the various papers to get the best out of it. Just now the Personal Chakra Healing Reading will be too much for me to grasp. Sincerely Yours, Rigmor

Rigmor (Denmark)

Once you said 31 and 13 would prove to be my lucky numbers. And then I won a scratch card. Number 13 on the 31st. (100 pounds) My first reading about my personality was spot on, and some are accurate about my forecast. The second reading was good as well if not a little like a riddle. But when you read it, it can be amazingly accurate. I enjoyed it. Occasionly as a treat I would like more readings and would reccemend you to others.

Ellen (United Kingdom)

I got a 3 month reading from Diana a few months ago and everything was very accurate. She pinpionted exact problems of my past and accurately viewed my current retionshipment problems. Diana can definitely help navigate you through you daily struggles.

Anthony (United States)

I was very skeptical on ordering my first report, but while reading it I had to stop for a minute at how accurate your readings are. I have purchased at least 5 differing reports and each one was dead on. So Diane thank you for the time you spent on my reports as now I can see clearly as my eyes are now open.

Korei (United States)

May I seize this opportunity to thank you for the good work you have being rendering to me. Honestly, your works have widen my spiritual development and enlightenment, with these realities which are the basis of my growth, I am grateful and appreciate your in-depth astrological knowledge, although I have come across some of your honest findings through my mystical and occult knowledge, but I can say with accuracy that you are an embodiment of astrological knowledge. keep the good work going and remember that every good work must be rewarded by He who dwell in the secret of the MOST HIGH. I will like to speak to you if possible. With best wishes for peace profound

Patrick (United Kingdom)

Dear Diana, thank you for your service, your readings help me make uncouscious patterns conscious which weakens their grip on me. I love these "now i see" moments. Many things you wrote I knew for myself before and your work served as a needed reassurance that my intuition has a point. Thank you. All the best, Pavlina

Pavlina (Czech Republic)

Hello, there in astrology is a secret. Sometimes you unlock it and enjoy your life. Love and light to your destiny!

Martynas (Lithuania)

I thought that Dianna accurately predicted several things that have happened in my life. I may go back to her in the future for more readings. Mary x

Maryam (United Kingdom)

It is ok,I am very happy with this reading 📖.thanks

Corneliu (Ireland)

Thank you Diana for your incredible work, you are a wonderful person that guides us with your skills in difficult times. Estrella

Arco (Dominican Republic)

Dear Diana, thank you very much for the report, i find it very helpful and detailed.

Gianna (Greece)

Many awakenings and revelations has come to fruition. Thank you! Peace, Blessing, Love & Light 👒 *KenyaJanel*

Kenya (United States)

I would like to thank you Diana for providing my reading, I use it on a weekly basis on how to base my life expectancies for that period, I wish I could afford more readings but at this time of year budgets are tight and I have to focus on other things.

Neil (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all your readings, Diana. I find them very helpful. They somehow balance my thoughts and emotions and help me believe in my inner potential.

Sylvia (Bulgaria)

Dear Diana, I appreciate your efforts on finding new opportunities changing my way of life. Thank you very much. Fridrich

Fridrich (Slovakia)

Thanks for that good report. I appreciated your concentration and care.

Emanuele (France)

I was surprised at how accurate your report was. I would read it 2 days in advance and look for certain episodes indicated. So many times the report was right on the spot. George

George (United States)

Thank you for all of your hard work you did for me. I , loved your report thank you God bless.

Kimberlee (United States)

I look forward to reading my report every morning on the train to work. It is really right on most of thebtime! Thank you!

Betsy (United States)

Hi Diana ! I Must admit that i am surprised over how accurate your readings are, and that it does have an effect on me. You are also right in that i need reports that are easy for me to read and understand :) . I am in dought very often about the spiritual and at the same time i know IT is for real. My biggest challenge is to open My heart, espesally when i meditate. I just GOT My heart broken, and IT seems to stay that way for a long long time.. :) i dont know how to benefit or fully be able to USE your readings. Sending you a picture of me and My daughter Sia Marie :)

John (Norway)

Thank you it was very helpful

Audrey (United Kingdom)

I have been very happy with your work for me this year. My biggest problem has been the many events that have happened in my family, dealing with my two sisters that have had Breast cancer has taken up a lot of my time. Next year has to be a better year for us all thank you Diana for all you have given me this year looking forward to hearing from you again next year

Faye (Australia)

Hi Diana I found the report very interesting and gained knowledge from it too. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the report and for your wonderful service. Love Iris

Iris (New Zealand)

Hello Diana Thank you for your wise words and greatly appreciated help. You have been a great help in moving my life forward. I wish you always health and happiness. Judy

Judy (United Kingdom)

You are amazing at what you do! So far both the reports you have done for me are right on the mark! I believe in your ability wholeheartedly thank you! Tiffany~

Tiffany (United States)

Thank you it was great I need to do a print out to make lt easier for me xxx

Vivian (Gibraltar)

Very true

Carmen (Israel)

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